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Whether you are an established business and aren't quite sure if you have everything in place to be compliant with employment law, or you are a startup just about to employ people for the first time - you have come to the right place.

There are a lot of legal requirements as soon as you have employees. Employment contracts must be issued before or on the first day of employment and must at least include what is set out in law. They're also the right place to add provisions to protect your business - think intellectual property, one of your staff joining your biggest competitor. Think data protection and GDPR.

Depending on the number of staff you have it could also be worthwhile to have a staff handbook combining all sorts of policies. We usually recommend to have one for any company with 10 or more staff. For businesses with less than 10, there are a few important policies which should be in place.

Stay compliant and avoid making things worse when something goes wrong.

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